Registrations & Regulatory Services

Registrations & Regulatory Services

At Infinity Accountants we simplifies the business formation and incorporation process for new and developing businesses by providing one stop place for all the business needs include but are not limited to the following:
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Entity selection and formation
Business plans & Cash flow statements
Business consulting
We provide a FREE consultation to select the right structure for your Company. Significant tax savings can be achieved based on the nature of your business and the structure of your company. Our goal is to help you select the right structure and then realize the tax savings each year going forward.

Our clients typically save taxes each year by using the following strategy:

Choosing and maintaining the right type of structure for your business.
Implementing our ongoing quarterly tax planning services to secure the best possible tax position for the available benefits.

We often see that many existing business owners come to us with previously formed entities and are not taking advantage of the “built in” tax benefits. Effective tax planning and coordination, often puts money into your pocket.
Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.